The Dean, Professor J. O. Babalola on behalf of the Postgraduate School Board, University of Ibadan, cordially invites applications from the Postgraduate students of the University for a scientific workshop titled “A Short course on Membrane Biology” that will take place from 28th February – 2nd March, 2018.

This short course on membrane biology is targeted towards the Postgraduate students within the University community whose current research and interests lie in Membrane biology.

Inclusive in the workshop is the 73rd Interdisciplinary Research Discourseopen lecture titled: “Synthetic Biology: From Biology to Engineering” that will take place at the Main Hall, UI Hotel Conference Centre, University of Ibadan on Friday, 2nd March, 2018 by 4:30pm.

The Faculty for both the workshop and Interdisciplinary Research discourse is Professor James Sturgis from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France.


Course content

-         Introduction

-         Overview

-         Membrane Lipids

-         Detergents and Membrane protein purification

-         Types of Membrane proteins and Biogenesis

-         Structural determination of Membrane proteins

-         Case studies: Membrane protein Structure and Functions

-         Current topics in Membrane protein biology


Special note

There will be screening before the participants will be selected to attend the workshop

Workshop venue:

The Postgraduate School Board room


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Dr. Oyeduntan A. Adediran

Sub-dean (Sciences), Postgraduate school


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